Why On Your E-Marks?

Frequent online presence as well as attractive and modern visuals distinguish a company, service or a product and help to create a unique business identity. In fact, a clear and attracting online presence leads to a remarkable market position.

Having such command on tools and methods of online presence entails lot of potential among VET learners who want to open their own businesses . By doing so, VET sector can become a keystone in promoting entrepreneurship education, thereby increasing the employability of students and apprentices through improving their capacity to start their own businesses.

What is On Your E-Marks?

E-Marks is a project supported by Erasmus plus focused on entrepreneurship education and on boosting key competences in web, graphic and digital arts in the VET sector, both for learners and tutors.

E-Marks is a partnership of 6 VET and training centres from Cyprus, France, Italy, Poland, Romania and Spain committed:

  • To create educational tools and resources (OERs) about entrepreneurship and online presence for VET tutors and learners
  • To upgrade teaching skills and qualifications of VET tutors and trainers in the areas covered by the project (entrepreneurship and online presence)
  • To create a training platform where VET tutors and learners can have access;
  • To organise two international mobilities, one in Poland (February 2020) and one in Romania (July 2020) for VET trainers/experts/digital practitioners.

For whom is On Your E-Marks?

It is a thriving community of VET educators, future and actual entrepreneurs, learners, experts in digital marketing and in online business.