The Erasmus plus project “ON YOUR E-MARKS” aims to promote entrepreneurial education through training in the web, graphic and digital arts sectors of trainers, students in the professional sectors, aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. The project intends to improve the acquisition of digital entrepreneurial skills, both to strengthen the online presence of existing companies (also for new projects) and to facilitate that of new companies.
ON YOUR E-MARKS wants to develop:
1. An in-depth study of online presence and strategies related to entrepreneurial education both in the professional training sector and in various business sectors;
2. A manual with guidelines for the efficient use of learning strategies for trainers in the graphics and digital sectors, together with an appropriate training model.
3. A training kit on the topics of the project.
4. A free online training course combined with field activities for professional training on entrepreneurship and digital presence.
5. Six public events to promote entrepreneurship education, online presence and project results.

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