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The main aim of Eurosuccess Consulting is to inform and support, mainly individuals and enterprises, regarding the exploitation of European and National Funds. Through the utilization of the regarding funding opportunities, they succeed the design, development and implementation of their strategic objectives, thus meeting their operational needs. In addition, our Organization participates in several projects under various European programs and initiatives, such as Lifelong Learning, ERASMUS+ and Justice.

In regards to the project management sector, Eurosuccess Consulting has broad experience regarding the development of materials, tools and methodologies concerning various skills/competencies (including ICT tools for assessment and training purposes as well as e-learning environments) for various groups such as Children, Youth, Adults, entrepreneurs, business executives and employees and vulnerable groups of the society.

In addition, Eurosuccess Consulting is a member of the: European Forum of Vocational Education and Training (EfVET), International Trade Council, European Prison Education Association, KeyCoNet Network, Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation and Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry.Eurosuccess Consulting has been also accredited as an accredited VET Center by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus, the relevant public authority as regards to training and education sector, as well as with the International Quality System ISO 9001:2015.

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